Eiffel Palace Conference Center

Eiffel Palace Conference Center is your ideal venue solution for events of various types and sizes in Budapest. Situated on the ground floor of the award-winning rejuvenated 19th century prestige office building, Eiffel Palace, it offers the most central, easily accessible downtown event location and an exclusive atmosphere of history mixed with modernity.

8 separate conference rooms can be easily connected to flexibly accommodate groups of higher numbers. Our rooms with a street view offer abundant natural light, and the fresh air supply guarantees that a comfortable indoor air quality is maintained even during all-day events. In-house catering service providers give you a variety of options and a great selection of food and beverages both within the Conference Center, or in one of our restaurants: Eiffel Bistro and St. Andrea Wine and Gourmet Bar.

Our conference packages include built-in, cutting edge audio- and video technology (projector, screen, sound system), wireless Internet access across the entire center, 24/7 security and cleaning services.

Our experienced technology partner, StreamPunk, provides lives streaming and video recording services of all event types.

Please contact us for a free offer, tailored to your specific event needs.