Location & Services


Due to its central location, Eiffel Palace is easily accessible by community transportation options, as well as by car and bicycle. Metro line 3 (blue line), trams 4 and 6, trolley-buses 72 and 73, and buses 6, 26, 26A, 91 and 191 have their stops within a couple of meters from the building. The Western Railway Station is just across the street, enabling several thousand people to commute to work daily from the  outskirts of Budapest as well as the agglomeration. Being situated at the intersection of Váci Road/Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Road and Szent István/Teréz Boulevard, car access to Eiffel Palace is guaranteed both from the Pest and Buda sides of the city. 


Eiffel Palace’s primary function as an office building is greatly complemented by premium hospitality, healthcare, event and beauty services located on the ground floor, and available to the general public.  Click to find out more about our complex service offer.

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